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To get involved in the case to explain the legal content Essay

To get involved in the case to explain the legal content - Essay Example736). The first step of setting this particular kind of business structure involves finding a name, which is dissimilar from any other company. However, since your business already has a name, this step will not be necessary. Next step that you will need to consider is filing of your paperwork, also called Articles of Organization (Zhang, 2011, p. 864). You will subsequently need to meet all payment associated with filing of such articles. The next step will involve the creation of an operating agreement, which will lay the framework of how to run the LLC (Oh, 2010, p. 122). It is essential at this point to point that, the operating agreement will define the duties and rights of every member of the LLC. It will also be necessary to make some publications. The next crucial step will involve acquiring permits and licenses that are necessary for the business to operate (Sjögrén et al., 2011, p. 360). Other steps that you may also consider include hiring of employees and announcing the business.

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